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8.20.02 - 6:05 a.m.

There have been a few additions to the site in recent days. As you can see, there are now pictures and bios to the left, and that detestable wretch with the blog is now posting regularly. Rest assured that more is coming, as I have my shiftless crew of incompetents working tirelessly. Here, I'll yell at them for your benefit: FASTER, YOU INCOMPETENT SLOBS! *whip cracking noises* I'VE NEVER SEEN A SORRIER BUNCH OF KAGEMUSHA! BY GUM, YOU'LL FINISH AT LEAST ONE SECTION BEFORE SEPTEMBER OR I'LL PITH YOUR VISCERA! ALL OF YOU! YES, EVEN YOU, NANAMI! NO, YOU DON'T GET SPECIAL CONSIDERATION BECAUSE YOU BRING ME COFFEE EVERY DAY! NO, NO, OF COURSE IT'S GOOD COFFEE! I KNOW YOU MAKE IT YOURSELF! NO, I DON'T NECESSARILY WANT YOU TO STOP, ALTHOUGH YOU DON'T REALLY HAVE TO DO IT, BUT YOU'RE KIND OF MISSING THE POINT! THIS ISN'T REALLY THE TIME OR THE PLACE! WE'LL DISCUSS THIS LATER! COME ON, PEOPLE, WHAT AM I PAYING YOU FOR!? WORK! WOOOOORRRK!! *more whip cracking*


8.7.02 - 5:16 a.m. is a work in progress. It exists for two reasons. The first is to provide a valuable resource for evil ninjas everywhere. The second is to cast only the smallest sliver of light on the vast shadow empire of Evil Ninja International, so that you, the weak and relatively unprotected, could see us and shiver in fear! MOOO-HAHAHAAAAA!

However, striking fear into the hearts of the masses is most difficult with an incomplete Web site. Therefore, our ninjas are toiling around the clock to bring you the finest in ninja-based Web content.

The only problem is, they don't know HTML very well. Many have given up and committed seppuku in the last five minutes alone. But we shall perservere, however slow our progress may be (and it will be slow).

So far, only this section is up, so that my minions and I may keep you apprised of additions and changes to the site.

More is coming soon.

Webmaster is a work of satire.