Lighthearted shinobi is mascot of the good times!

Maneki Ninja is cheerful false face for aging, monstrous conglomerate! Beckoning children of all the world to view with charmed awe our megalithic corporation, Maneki Ninja is cheerful, genki shadow warrior who leaves foes clutching own unseated viscera in happy desperation! But, children of world ask, who are this cute stealth assassin?

Maneki Ninja lives with his friends, Genki and Heihachi, in village of Ringo No Zubon, which are hidden from prying eyes at end of rainbow. His job is Engineer on paper, but in reality Maneki is daring Ninja! He keeps this knowledge secret from others by staying many crafty and obscuring unfortunate bodies.

In his spare time, Maneki enjoys attacking straw dummies and eating burgers at the mall! His favorite part of work is clambering walls undetected, and his favorite possession is his sword, Tako.