Kung-fu Ninja Flygirl

Ayaname enjoys cultivating bonsai, deadly mandrake plants and destroying anyone who dresses their dogs in little sweaters. She is known to compose a haiku for each of her victims, incorporating not only mention of a bird and a season required by the rules of formal haiku, but also a whimsical reference to the weapon with which she dispatched her "client." The privileged daughter of David Carradine, she grew up aware of her terrifying presence; none of the racist bullies at school dared make fun of HER Japanese father. As a child she studied martial arts intensely, well aware that a spin-off of "Kung-Fu" starring the original star's actual daughter as the character's daughter was a Hollywood producer's wet dream. But when she was told that her character would be a veiled ninja she beheaded the head writer (laughing to herself at the humour of his title and the situation) in a fury she was too beautiful to be veiled. Fleeing "the law," she met Orochi while he was on a training mission. Her outlandish situation and mannerisms reminded Orochi of one of his favourite video games, and thus he was convinced to recruit the petulant martial artist into Evil Ninja International. Although she initially balked when told that the ninja headdress was not optional, Orochi's gift of a mint-condition Bedazzler and a heavy addiction to expensive eye make-up helped Ayaname come to terms with hiding her face. Currently Ayaname is spearheading a campaign to convince Manolo Blahnik to start making tabi. She contributes irregularly to, and has been known to blow a deadline because she had to kill a stylist for an especially bad choice of celebrity attire at a televised awards show. Or, her life was entirely different than described.