The Buy Bush a PlayStation 2 Campaign

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Presented here for your edification and amusement is a selection of letters from people who, for whatever reason, dislike the campaign. Maybe the thought it was funny but disliked the message, maybe they thought I was taking the issue too lightly, or maybe they just plain think I'm a moron.
Whatever. It's a free country, and God bless 'em, they're entitled to shout their opinions as loudly as they see fit. Here,then, are their comments, unedited, untrimmed, in no particular order and only occasionally made fun of.

We begin with Nick B., who sensibly opines:
What is wrong with you!!!! Life is not a video game and nore are the problems in Iraq. People are really be killed over there for no reason. Bush doesnt play video games...because he grew up, and now he is saving hundreds of lives. Playing a video game will not make Saddam go away, and possibily you would see that if you moved out of your mom's house. My point is Saddam is trouble, and if you think that its not America's business and we should play video games to fullfill our need of killing, your way off. Naybe you'll understand when someone is injured or that you know and love by a terrerist or weopons of mass descruction (which i pray never happans). Sorry if I made you think to hard, and please excuse my spelling and grammer.

(Why should I? - Ed.)

George from New York writes:
First - He's not going to get the PS2 probably some kid of a secret service agent or some other low level government employee will probably be one ps2 and two games richer.

Second - DON'T want to know what these people are capable of. We already know what 20 motivated individuals are capable of without chemical weapons and nuclear weapons that Sadaam WILL sell to them once he has too much for himself. If he hasn't already sold it to them.

When we do find out what else these assholes are up to I hope it happens in your backyard instead of mine like it did last time so that you see for your own god damned self that these people are not nice they want to kill you and if it takes a couple bombs and a new government somewhere in the middle east to make it a little bit harder for them to come and kill me it has my whole hearted support.

Tom G. writes:
Well, pal, I hope while you're raking in the contributions, you don't forget to buy a copy of "Clueless" for yourself and restock your stash of hash. And when the diaperhead terrorists decide to strike with WMD, be sure to welcome them to your neighborhood . . . most likely the People's Republik of Kalifornia.


"The essence of American journalism is vulgarity divested of truth." Winston Churchill

(The people of Orange County, Calif., have noted your labelling of them as pinkos and have placed the blame for this perception squarely on the shoulders of "Muslim Jews." - Ed.)

Don M. writes:

Get something real to do.

Perhaps buy yourselves a life????

(Hey, I'm not the one taking the time to write angry letters to webmasters. - Ed.)

Dave V. writes:
Mr. Reparaz, I see the humor in your petition and while it is very "tongue in cheek" I'm afraid the world looks on and does not understand your joke. This war on terrorism is a real threat, and real people will die. People will die whether it is a war we seek or is one we do not seek. The "other side" is intent on us being exterminated (9/11 is that proof). The unfortunate part of your joke is that your humor doesn't translate well. I first read about your petition in a Russian newspaper, and their take is that you view our President as a war monger with pent up frustrations and nothing better to do. You do not represent our country well.

(Actually, if that's how a Russian newspaper saw it, then I'd say the joke translates perfectly. - Ed.)

Conrad L. writes:
Maybe you'd think differently if you were one of the many to lose loved ones to terrorist acts. If you really think someone like Saddam is really "cooperating" then you are being very naive. I'm just glad that the current leaders of this country don't share your views! We're not dealing with a "vietnam war" here. I commend anyone who gives peace a chance, which is what our country and the UN has done for many years with Iraq.

Thank you for your time.

David G. writes in with this abnormally clever flame:
Think! Think! Think!

Let me apologize upfront for not completely reading all of the dribble of your web page. But PLEASE use your talent for writing children's books for the mentally challenged as it would be far more useful.

Gotta go for now, your site loosened some stool and I must release the kids before they get rowdy.

"KinCryos" writes:
You're just supporting Sony, aren't you? Or are you simply trying to lower the U.S. defences and get us all killed?

Matt K. writes:
you, my friend, should use the money to get an education.

It is sometimes necessary for the best of people to wear evil masks.

Melissa & Danny write:
I am sorry that people like you share this same great country with me...get off the president's back...

(One of the reasons this country is great is because people like me can share it with people like you. - Ed.)

David D. writes:
Mikel Reparaz

You are incredibly naive and foolish. I seriously doubt that you have any understanding of international affairs.

Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. His military forces were evicted by a coalition of nations, led by the United States. As part of the Iraqi surrender, Saddam Hussein agreed to disarm his military, and abandon his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

Hussein has failed to adhere to the conditions of his surrender, and he has made a mockery of the United Nations weapons inspections process.

For eight years the Clinton Administration did nothing to compel the Iraqi regime to cooperate with the inspections process.

Did you have your head up your ass on September 11, 2001?

Like the killers sent to America by Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein has proclaimed his hatred of America. Saddam Hussein would find great satifaction in providing some type of bomb, or other explosive device, to anyone he believes could detonate it in such a way that it would kill Americans.

Isolationists like yourself are always eager to follow the path of appeasement. History has shown that path to be the road of fools.

Frank C. writes:
Why don't you get one for the traitor Klinton? I'm sure he has more time on his hands.

(Klinton is kurrently okkupied with praktiking law and touring on the lekture kirkuit. I am kertain, however, that he understands your konkerns, and those of others lice yourself. - Ed.)

Valarie C. writes:
It is obvious you have spent too much time playing. Get real!!!

Lynn M. writes:
you liberal pin heads!

(The preferred term is "microcephalics." - Ed.)

"Copocamaro" writes:
Go bush go
take out iraq!!!!!!!!!!! your doing a great job mr bush!

Dan H. would like to share the following:

Get a life!!!

Don S. would like to enlighten you with the following:
Hey, you ignorant fuck.

You need to grow up and pay attention and quit listening to your liberal, America Hating college professors rhetoric. How would you like to be speaking Arabic and eating dirt like Saddam and the Muslim nations would like us to. That may happen if you let Saddam go around beating up on little countries like he did Kuwait. Let him get Nuclear weapons and he may try beating up on bigger countries like yours. Instead of knocking a couple of buildings down with airplanes how would you like a nuke dropped in you back yard? You assholes keep talking about oil and business deals with-out looking at the big picture. We made business deals with those people, built the oil fields and drilled the wells that pump the oil that is the life blood of our country. It's oil that the plastic in that Play Station comes from. We made those Muslim fucks rich and now they want to mess with us. And you want to let them? Maybe we should have stayed out of Hitler's business too. Achtung!! Hiel Hitler!!!

The freedoms that you enjoy, that enable you to spout off and criticize our elected officials without fear of reprimand are at stake here. People like you are going to get us killed by kowtowing to people who want to see you dead just because you enjoy those freedoms and nothing else. Korea has nukes pointed at us now because Clinton/Gore chose to appease them and give them a nuclear reactor rather than tell them Communist bastards to fuck off and maybe forcing them to be a self sufficient capitalist society like Reagan did to Russia. Russia and east Germany are now our friends and business partners. You think appeasing our enemies is the way to win them over? Hell no! Have you ever heard the saying "Give them an inch and they'll take a mile". You can only take so much shit and then you've got to kick some ass.

You should thank God that we have a President with enough guts and moral fiber to do what's right for the country. George Bush has a lot more information about what's going on in other countries than you or any of your buddy's will ever have. And you look really ignorant spouting your anti war shit.

By the way. You can shove that Play Station up your ever-loving America Hate'n ass!!!

Michael B. writes:
Two words: Fucking idiots

"CaNdYPoP3" writes:
is this some sort of scam to get money from people??????????????

(No!!!!!!!!!!! It is a satirical protest campaign........... - Ed.)

Gary L. writes:
Cute idea, but filled with gross inaccuracies. But then the left is never concerned with the truth. Is it?
If we cannot find a way, we will make one.

This was back in the early days of the campaign, when I still made an effort to respond to the hundreds of e-mails I was getting. So I wrote back with:
Dear Gary,
I assure you that the left - or at least me, which is somewhat different from the left, me being an individual with liberal-leaning ideals, and the left being a nebulous, weepy, tree-hugging stereotype that relieves conservatives of the obligation to listen to what liberal-leaning individuals have to say - is highly concerned with the truth. I am a journalist, sir, and accuracy is my stock-in-trade.
Now, did you have a specific gross inaccuracy you wanted to point out, or is the right concerned only with wasting my time?

His response:

Hello Mike,

I am actually quite surprised, and pleased, you responded. Your site is quite clever as I previously pointed out. However, the main inaccuracy was your comment about George W. trying to make up for George Sr.s mistakes of the Gulf War. Like most others I am assuming you are referring to his not overthrowing Saddam at that point. However, if you have studied the Gulf War you would know that to form the Coalition to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait, an alliance which included several Middle Eastern nations, George Sr. had to agree to not remove Saddam from power at the insistence of our allies. Not agreeing to this would have resulted in no alliance which would have made the removal of Iraq from Kuwait incredibly difficult, if not impossible. If this is not the error you are referring to then I would be curious as to which errors you are referring to as the Gulf War was, in fact, the most one-sided victory in military history.

Secondly, you indicate that George W. is just a war mongering idiot. Have you noticed that there has been no military build-up in the Gulf? Perhaps you heard the militaries announcement of plans to delay deployment of troops until after January? Perhaps George W. is using a "bluff" to force Saddam to fall in line with the U.N. sanctions and force them to comply as everyone knows the U.N. is all talk and no action. Perhaps he is using a technique he saw Reagan use against Russia (we don't need to discuss your views on Reagan as I am quite familiar with "left leaning" individuals views of Reagan) which saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War (if you are old enough to remember that). So, just maybe, Bush is banging his war drums to scare Saddam into changing his behavior. I have no doubt George W. would use force to change Saddam's behavior if Saddam didn't correct it himself as he has something called "principles", which means doing what you say you believe you should do.

I also believe you mentioned something to the effect that "maybe" Saddam was insane or evil or something to that effect. If you do not know this for a fact then I suggest you do some basic research and you will find that the man should be executed for the heinous crimes he has committed against innocent civilians, including women and children. If you don't think Saddam would help terrorists detonate a nuclear device in the United States if he thought he could get a way with it, you haven't studied the man's history. He is only less of a threat than Hitler was due to a lack of resources.

I am sure that there are more inaccuracies I could refer to, but as I am sure it simply comes down to opinion as to the truth of this issues I see no point in wasting anymore of your time or mine.

And then:

Oh, one other thing. Your statement "I am a journalist, sir, and accuracy is my stock-in-trade."; please. Were you actually trying to be funny?


PS Your statement about "left - or at least me, which is somewhat different from the left, me being an individual with liberal-leaning ideals, and the left being a nebulous, weepy, tree-hugging stereotype that relieves conservatives of the obligation to listen to what liberal-leaning individuals have to say", is also grossly inaccurate. Perhaps you should do a little research on how many attempts, including attempts by the Clinton administration, to prevent Russ Limbaugh from being heard were made. It is the left that screams about freedom of speech and does everything in their power to prevent people that don't espouse their views from being heard!

(Never let it be said that I prevent people who don't espouse my views from being heard. - Ed.)

Lise Q. makes a good point:
What if the truth is that Bush is SO addicted to video games that he thinks that war in Iraq won't be real? I mean, if you lose a video game, the guards don't come to your house, put you in front of a firing squad and shoot you. Although that would definitely be an interesting way to thin the herd. What if you're just adding fuel to his fire?

Greg R. backs up this point:
According to Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Vol 38(3) May 2002, 283-290. Academic Press, US they claim that there are effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior.

They found: Evidence of the effects of playing violent video games on subsequent aggression has been mixed. This study examined how playing a violent video game affected levels of aggression displayed in a laboratory. A total of 43 undergraduate students (22 men and 21 women, aged 18-23 yrs) were randomly assigned to play either a violent (Mortal Kombat) or nonviolent (PGA Tournament Golf) video game for 10 min. Then they competed with a confederate in a reaction time (RT) task that allowed for provocation and retaliation. Punishment levels set by participants for their opponents served as the measure of aggression. The results confirmed our hypothesis that playing the violent game would result in more aggression than would playing the nonviolent game. In addition, a Game multiplied by Sex interaction showed that this effect was larger for men than for women. Findings are discussed in light of potential differences in aggressive style between men and women. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2002 APA, all rights reserved)

So buying Bush a violent video game in reality might make him more aggressive.

(Funny. Golf games always put me in a more bloodthirsty mood than Mortal Kombat does. - Ed.)

Casey P. writes:
Bush is doing the best he can right now. Stop complaining. You can't do much better. It's pretty obvious with things like this. You don't have any respect for others. You would SUCK as a military leader of any country, or of the America, heaven forbid.

SO...why don't you get your butt up there and try and direct the entire country, hmm? Or how about trying to maintain peace with several different countries?

Wake up. This is the real world. Live with it.

Oh, and if America doesn't kill you first, try and have a little respect.

"Ne Ro" writes:
Dear Sir,

I just read your asinine idea, and I have to say that you have alot of growing up to do. If Saddam is allowed to develop nuclear weapons do you really think the world would be a safer place??? He's already paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers $25,000 for killing Israelis. Are we supposed to just ignore this and let our allies in Israel live in fear of going about a normal life? People being blown up on buses and in cafes at least once a week is no joking matter. You speak of the possibility of innocent people dying in Iraq if we invade, but you choose to ignore all the thousands of people Saddam has let starve to death in his country by failing to do what is required to lift the UN sanctions. If he allowed unfettered access to all the sites the UN weapons inspectors demanded to see, then this whole issue wouldn't even be on the table.

What President Bush needs in this time of crisis is our support not this inept attempt of humor at his expense. The only reason we live in the greatest country in the world in because we have the strongest military on Earth. You should realize just how fortunate you are to live in this country and be thankful that you weren't born on another continent.

You need to research the facts so that you can understand the enormity of this situation.

Good day.

"Wmcbreen" writes:
Maybe you would prefer to sit back and be the target for whatever some despot wants to throw at you, but I don't. The mere fact that Bush has threatened action has people paying attention- especially Hussein. If you can't see that, go back to sleep.

Dion D. writes:
Great site! Here's another idea....

Let us join you by putting all our heads up your ass and continuing to let Islamic extremists try to conquer the free world. Enjoy your freedom and free speech that someone else died for so you can take it for granted and make fun of the President.

Maybe they can fly a couple more planes into your workplace. Have a nice day.

And finally, Keith S. writes:
Dude....your thoughts.... even though genuine. Should probably stay in that tunneled vision mind of yours.
We have been attacked and will continue to be attacked..I do not know the solution so I doubt you do...

Respectfully...Where are you from ?

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