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News as of 4/1/2003, 1:20 a.m. PST: LOL! My nam is Mike Repaz and i m a retarted idiot Fag0rt! I haev no lif and make stupid websties about buying lame consel gaems for Bush! LOL!! I dont care taht Sadam blew up teh Woreld Trad Center!
Lol I am 133t hax0r and I haev taken cotrol of this web Page... for good of USA! This paeg will now be to raise money to buy a bom, like 500 billion megatons or soe, to drop on Sadam's hed! lol!!!!!111


Ok so far I haev raised only like $5.73 for teh goall. Come on ppl what is teh deal. Dont u want to kill Sadam, isreal muslim JEWS hired him to kill NYC and petnagon with chemical grenades... I swear if you do not giv more $$$ we wil nevar be abel to buy teh bomb before this idot finds out what I am doing and gets his paeg back... Lol I am teh win! He is a hippie fag0rt who does not like Bush and likes teh SADAM, and so is ur MOM!

All hippie fag0rts who want Sadam to be president of teh USA and dont think teh war si cool prolly has fantasies about riding Sadams' big mustsche... lol fags!!!!

My fellow LEET HAX0R lol!!1:


I am SICK and TRIED of all tehse IDIOTS who say taht Bush is wrong. He is teh PRESIDENT, you stupid HIPPIE.... if he were WRONG, he would nt haev been ELECTED! ROFL stupid losers! taest my rath!

Teh other day I got in a argumet with a guy at scool named Sergei Wysnewski who said taht maybe BUSH was not rieght to KICK ASS in IRAQ..... i told him he was stupid hippie peacenik. I think Sergei is maybe IRAQI TERRARITS and just tryeing to covar up his LOVE OF SADAM.... LOL! Tehn I kicked his ass with my MIGHTY VORLPAL SWORD +2!!!!! lol he sux0rz.

LADYS AND gentelmen, we must STOP sadam! In teh last few monhts aloen. Sadam has killed like 1,0000 Iraqis by eating them and there babys. He has also taken ovar Australia and used they're dogs as test sujbects for his toxic GASSESS. He is WORSE tahn HITLER and evan has teh worst MSTUACHE... He has used his vast fortuens to buy FRANCE and make tehm call they're FREEDOM FRIES something DUMB. He supports abortion and once put a WOMEN on teh SUPREME CORT. He built his country ovar ALL OUR OIL, adn we need to taek it back. and my friend Kyle who used to liev in Sadui Arabica says Sadam runs his lawn mower at like 4 in the morning... and taht he once visited teh CANADA with OSAMA! tehy are liek butt buddies oer something...

If u dont liek war, U R DUMB and must be wieped out liek it says in teh Constitiutition. Y do u haet Amercia, si it becuz u r gay?

Dont paye any atttention to teh FRENCH tehy are OWNED by sadam, just liek ALL TEH OTHAR COUNTIES! All teh othar counties SUX0RZ and taht is why i haev nevar left Nebraska evar.

THERFOR i must taek ovar this siet and USE it for greatar good liek buying a big BOM to drop on teh dumb Iraqis, like in teh Battalfield 1924. We wil not try to stop teh war, we will maek it BETTAR INSTEAD..... so we can watch teh KICK-ASS TANKS on teh FOX NWES! We will get RID OF teh idiots who DON'T LIEK BUSH adn send tehm BACK TO ENGLAND!

So GIEV ME MONEY! I need your money for buying TEH BOM to give to teh army guyz and so they can drop it on Bagdad. I wil not taek your money fore a new PC... I promiss! lol unliek teh guy who runs this paeg and prolly took all teh money to spend in hawai, or on Hookers.

Beacuse it would be imppolit to not include som sort of letar with teh bom, I wil write teh following to Sadam:

Dear mister Sadam,

Hello! How r u? Here is teh bom we have saeved up for months or days to buy u,, I hoep it blows up ur hed like teh old man behind teh school said ti will. Good luck dying, you gay MSTASCHE FAG0RT!

Ps do u like to taek it up teh butt?

Enlcosed with this lettar, we haev sent u a BIG ASS BOM to kill u and blow up ur stupid palace. Die liek in teh HOT SHOTS 2! YAH!


Teh ppl of teh Ameriac

Teh naems of teh donars wil be incldued, but I dout he wil be abble to raed them as tehy fall from liek 3,billion feete.. No signaters wil be on teh lettar cuz caligrafy is really gay.

LOLQ I am 1337!

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Legalese: The Buy Saddam a Bomb Campaign is a grassroots protest movement and is not funded, endorsed or otherwise created by Lockheed-Martin, the NRA, the GOP, Enron, Halliburton or your mom. No no no.